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Dazzling Czech Crystal Rhinestone Gold Hair Accessories

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Add glamour to your look with this ornate, handcrafted hair clip featuring dazzling Czech crystals in chic colors. The intricate silver-toned setting and radiant stones give a luxurious, high-end feel. Wear in updos, braids, buns or ponytails for a touch of elegance and sparkle.

  • Bright red gradient champagne color
    Dark coffee with champagne
    Dark green to light yellow
    Gray with champagne
    Purple gradient champagne
    red with champagne
    White with white AB


Rhinestone Gold Hair Accessories

Make a statement with this glamorous rhinestone hair clip, featuring stunning Czech crystals set in an ornate silver-toned setting.

Intricately handcrafted, each hair clip begins as a base molded in a factory, then drilled by artisans to hold each individual crystal. Skilled workers meticulously set each radiant Czech crystal in place using glue, bringing this hair accessory to life.

With a versatile curved clip design that holds both thick and thin hair, this hair clip adds a touch of sparkle to updos, braids, buns and ponytails. The Czech crystals catch and reflect the light beautifully, available in a variety of dazzling colors to match any outfit.

This ornamental yet functional hair clip is perfect for weddings, formal events, nights out, or whenever you want to add some glamour to your look. The rhinestones are set securely so you can wear it with confidence that it will stay in place yet be gentle on hair.

Add the finishing touch to your hairstyle with this handcrafted rhinestone hair clip that combines quality, beauty and style.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 5 cm
Brown bottom clip rhinestone color

Bright red gradient champagne color, Dark coffee with champagne, Dark green to light yellow, Gray with champagne, Purple gradient champagne, red with champagne, White with white AB


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Dazzling Czech Crystal Rhinestone Gold Hair Accessories
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