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Stunning Royal Headwear hair clip with Swarovski crystals Headwear

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This hair clip is made of high-quality materials and features a delicate hand-woven flower design with Swarovski crystals. It is designed to fit most hair types and sizes.

  • Black yarn colored diamonds
    Brown yarn colored diamonds
    Gray yarn with colored diamonds


【Product Name】: Radiant Spectrum Korean Handmade Petal Hair Claw

【Product Highlights】:

Colorful Charm: Made with imported Korean yarn, hand-folded into delicate petals, with 12 petals on one side, 6 on each side, forming a butterfly shape. Adorned with multicolored Swarovski flatback crystals, it showcases a dazzling array of colors.
Handcrafted Art: Each petal is meticulously hand-folded, and each crystal is carefully applied by hand, ensuring that every detail is filled with craftsmanship and artistry.
3D Design: The unique three-dimensional shape makes the hair claw more lively when worn, adding a distinctive charm for daily wear or special occasions.

【Materials and Craftsmanship】:

Yarn Material: Made with imported Korean yarn, soft and lightweight.
Edging Craft: Fine edging ensures neat petal edges and prevents fraying.
Adhesion Technique: Professional glue is used to firmly attach the yarn petals to the hair claw base, ensuring stability during wear.

【Product Advantages】:

Rich Colors: Black and coffee-colored yarn paired with multicolored crystals create a radiant visual effect.
Quality Assurance: The brilliance of Swarovski crystals combined with premium yarn material ensures a high-end, sophisticated product.
Handmade: Each hair claw is carefully handcrafted, unique, and personalized.

【Applicable Occasions】:

Daily Wear: Adds a splash of color to everyday outfits, enhancing overall style.
Festive Celebrations: Suitable for holidays and special events, making you the center of attention.

Bridal Hair Adornments

Delicately hand-woven in intricate floral patterns, our bridal hair adornments capture the essence of elegance. Carefully placed crystals add a captivating sparkle, creating a timeless allure. Versatile for women with varying hair types and sizes, these adornments are the epitome of grace.

These exquisite hair accessories transcend occasions, whether it’s a special event or a casual day out. Elevate your style with confidence and sophistication. Discover the perfect complement to your bridal look, ensuring a radiant and stylish appearance that stands out effortlessly.

We sell high-end hair accessories, but the price we sell is low-end.

Royal Headwear

A stunning 12-petal handmade flower hair clip with Swarovski crystals is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Made of high-quality Korean silk yarn and Swarovski crystals, it is sure to turn heads.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 11 cm
Korean yarn hair clip

Black yarn colored diamonds, Brown yarn colored diamonds, Gray yarn with colored diamonds


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Stunning Royal Headwear hair clip with Swarovski crystals Headwear
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