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Handcrafted Korean Gauze and Leather Flower Hair Clip Bula Headwear

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A fusion of two materials: inner layer of handwoven Korean gauze, outer layer of sculpted leather petals embellished with crystals. Perfectly blending romantic airiness and luxurious texture. An effortlessly chic hair clip to brighten up hairstyles and provide endless styling inspiration.

  • All gray
    Bright red gradient champagne color
    Dark coffee with champagne
    Dark green gradient to light yellow
    Gray with champagne
    Purple gradient champagne
    Purple red chaotic color
    Purple red gradient light pink
    Red with champagne
    Rose pink chaotic color


Bula Headwear

This flower hair clip blends natural charm and luxury for an effortlessly elevated look. The petite blossom combines two exquisite materials: wispy soft Korean gauze forms the inner layer, handwoven to achieve an ethereal, cloud-like texture. The outer layer utilizes premium leather, expertly sculpted into lively petal shapes and accented with Czech crystals for added brilliance.

The perfect marriage of materials retains the romance of gauze while introducing leather’s indulgent feel. Instantly illuminate your hairstyle no matter the season. This easy-to-wear clip will provide endless styling inspiration and help you shine every day.


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 cm
Black bottom clip rhinestone color

All gray, Bright red gradient champagne color, Dark coffee with champagne, Dark green gradient to light yellow, Gray with champagne, Purple gradient champagne, Purple red chaotic color, Purple red gradient light pink, Red with champagne, Rose pink chaotic color


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Handcrafted Korean Gauze and Leather Flower Hair Clip Bula Headwear
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