• Independent website hair jewelry customer service terms:

      Article 1 Service Commitment

      We are committed to providing customers with quality services. All hair accessories are made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and provide professional after-sales service.

      Article 2 Pre-sales service

      We provide professional consulting services to help you choose the hair accessories that suit you.
      We provide personalized customized services to meet your individual needs.

      Article 3 After-sales service

      Hair accessories enjoy a 6-month warranty under normal use.
      If there are quality problems with hair accessories, we will repair or replace them free of charge.
      If the hair accessories are damaged due to human factors, we will charge a repair fee at our discretion.

    • In order to allow you to purchase and use our company’s hair accessories with confidence, we provide the following after-sales service:
    • Maintenance policy (a) For goods damaged due to abnormal use or other human reasons, our company can provide maintenance services according to the actual situation; (b) The maintenance fee varies with different accessories, please contact customer service personnel for specific information; (c) If repair is required, please send the product back to the company, and indicate the relevant problem and order information in the package. Three freight responsibility (a) Shipping costs for repairs and returns are borne by the customer; (b) When receiving the returned items from the customer, if non-quality problems are found, the company has the right to require the customer to pay for the round-trip shipping fee.
    • Other matters (a) we do not honor any goods that have been altered or repaired by a third party; (b) The after-sales service we provide applies only to goods purchased on this website. The above are our after-sales service terms, hoping to provide protection for your shopping and use experience. If you still have any questions, please contact our online customer service staff for more information.


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