• In order to provide customers with a better service experience, we will select the most suitable courier company for delivery based on factors such as order content and delivery address. The specific delivery methods and costs are as follows:
  • Transportation service
    We provide international shipping and support package tracking.
  • Order processing time
    We usually process and confirm your submitted order within 72 hours, and arrange delivery as soon as possible. If for some reason the order cannot be processed in time or delivery needs to be delayed, we will contact you as soon as possible and explain the situation.
  • Logistics costs
    The logistics cost will be determined according to various factors such as the product selected by the customer, the target area, the weight and the mode of transportation. In addition, please note: additional taxes or fees incurred due to customs inspection or other force majeure reasons, which we cannot estimate, should be borne by the buyer.
  • Package Tracking
    When you complete the order, the system will automatically send you a tracking number (Tracking Number). With this number, you can check the current location of the package and the expected arrival date through the official website of the relevant logistics company.
    Please note: the above are only the delivery methods and costs in most cases, please refer to the actual order for specific conditions. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service staff for help.
    Special Note
    Due to the influence of customs inspection and other force majeure factors, the international transportation time may be delayed to a certain extent;
    If you need to change the delivery address or logistics express company, please contact us as soon as possible after submitting the order and provide relevant information;
    For problems such as lost or damaged packages, please contact us as soon as possible, and submit relevant supporting materials as required for processing.
  • The above is the delivery policy of this site, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our online customer service staff for more information.
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